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- Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, MD
- Dr. Ismael Cabrera, MD
Thinking About Surgery Abroad?

Medical Tourism is a quickly growing industry that helps millions of people find the right surgery that can't find in their home country. Medical Tourism works when people travel to another country to undergo a specific medical procedure or surgery. Understanding the process of how medical tourism works is tough, but Medical Tourism Resource Guide can enlighten you about this new industry.

Medical Tourism Top Procedures

5 surgeries worth a trip
• Orthopedic Surgery - Knee and Hip Replacement
• In vitro Fertilization
• Weight Loss Surgery
• Plastic Surgery
• Dental Work
• Heart Surgery - Angioplasties

Look slimmer and lose weight! Start now!

body Garment helps you lose weight and boost your confidence...

Lose Weight and Look Slimmer

Compression Body Shaper for Men and Women - Body Shaping Without Surgery

These miracle garments were originally developed in Brazil for women during their postpartum recovery. It has since been discovered that these garments aid in the weight loss process through high compression. They also correct your posture and give the look of a reduced waistline immediately.

See for yourself the benefits of these garments. These garments are being used by women and men all over the world and are the secret of Hollywood!

“You should expect to lose weight and see a reshaping in your body quickly, so we suggest that you purchase a second garment in the next size smaller.”


Body Garment Benefits
Look 10-15 pounds lighter immediately simply by putting it on!
Lifts breasts immediately without surgery!
Promotes good posture!
Alleviates Back pain!
Promotes postpartum recovery!

Thinking About Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery may be an option if you are significantly overweight. An adjustable gastric band surgery using the Lap Band by Allergan (formerly InameD) or the newly FDA approved Johnson and Johnson Realize Bands, the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) or the Roux en Y Gastric Bypass (RNY) can help you shed unwanted pounds. Let Alighterme be your guide to Weight Loss Surgery Guide.